MimoCAD Inc.

MimoCAD Inc. was founded in May of 2016 to create software solutions for first responders.
In 2017, we added third party integrations as a core misson.
In 2018, we began serving IT support contracts to better meet our customers' needs.
In 2019, we began development of hardware solutions to complement ours software.
We continue to grow as our customers' needs evolve.

MimoCAD is the connective layer between all of our products, as well as any third party components. We seamlessly integrate with our own products, but also connect with competitors' products, so that customer can retain the freedom to choose the correct solution to each problem individually.

$100/month OR $1000/year

MimoWEB is our web-based window into your department. It is designed to give you a total overview of the department including lists of personnel and their certifications, vehicle upkeep and maintainance information, and reports designed against department S.O.P.s and By-Laws, as well as anything else your specific needs might require.

$100/month OR $1000/year

MimoGPS is a physical vehicle tracker, with cellular connectivity added to the response vehicle itself. This allows for officers to track the location of their fleet in real time, on a web interface which can be used on any Internet-connected device.

$250/device AND $25/device/month

MimoSDR is a software defined radio service that makes radio traffic from your department available to your personnel over the web. The transmissions are also recorded and saved for one year to facilitate call review.

$100/freq/month OR $1000/freq/year

IT support for every component of your department's critical and non-critical infrastructure. We offer 24/7/365 phone support, and immediate onsite visits for critical infrastructure support.

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We expand to meet our customers' needs. If there is something you require that we do not currently advertise, please feel free to reach out, and we would be happy to accommodate you and your department. Our goal is always to provide the best, most streamlined process for you and your responders.

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