MimoWEB is very much the connective tissue of MimoCAD. It binds all other platforms togeather, connecting your members to your CAD system directly, and keeping their information up to date.

While I was a Lietuenant and later Captain my duties included keeping the member files up to date. Also being a programmer, having paper files everywhere didn't really make sense to me. The best solution was to enter the information into a database so that it could be queried by a web interface. MimoWEB is that web interface that allows for information to be put in, and reports to be generated out of that data.

MimoWEB is the execution of your SOPs and By-Laws. It's generic in design, but extendable by design also. The base system gives you everything you need to run your department and generate reports for the state such as the DOH-1881 (Vehicles), and DOH-2882 (Roster), these reports a generated in Milliseconds, saving your department hours of time.

MimoWEB works with MimoCAD so that LOSAP points awarded and assigned for assignments automaticlly. If you do not use the MimoCAD interface, dispatch information can still be entered manually but we highly recomend that one is used with the other.

LOSAP / Points / Hours are also calculated in real time with this system. Member can know in their profile if they are passing, or how many points they need to make up. This information is calculated on page load, so the member and the department has the most up to date information. No one has to run a report, it's done automaticlly, for everyone.

We offer other tools and hardware that talk to this system as addons. For example you can buy our temprature sensors to keep track of medication storage tempratures both in your stock room, and also on the ambulances themselves. This keeps the medicaitons in their required ranges for the best possible effect.

$100/month OR $1000/year