MimoCAD is our core product. It's the name of our company for a reason -- it's central to everything we do -- and the reason why the company exisits at all.

While I (Mark Tomlin, CEO), was chief of Wantagh-Levittown VAC, we had a vendor who provided our dispatch information via text message. The problem that we started to have was that messages were getting delivered minutes, hours or even days after the alarm had finished. This was not acceptable to me running the deparment and having bought the issue up to the vendor and them not being able to resolve the problem for several years I decided to make my own CAD system. MimoCAD the technology was born out of that work.

MimoCAD the company started after during one of the inter department chief meetings, other chiefs were talking about their vendor software also not getting alarm data to them in a timely manner. I mentioned that I had resolved the problem for my department by writing some software to do it. The departmet chiefs said that they would be willing to pay for access to this system for their departments as well. Thus MimoCAD Inc the company was born.

MimoCAD's function is to get information into the responders hands as fast as possible. Other vendors taking minutes and hours after the call has closed is unacceptable in a field where seconds count. Having permise information that your department can fill out is also a huge help as it adds to the institutional knowlage to be shared amoung all members not just the last members that have been to that location before.

There is also nice side effects to having this information readily available. It greatly reduced the amount of time our department members would need to spend filling out forms, reduced errors to zero as there is a single source of truth. When you have a volunteer department, time is our currency, the less time members need to spend on admin over head the more time they can spend doing the thing they signed up to do. Go on calls and get the best training possible.

MimoCAD works with MimoWEB where employee / member information is shared with the CAD system directly. You can know that you have a Driver; a BLS or ALS provider; a Fire Fighter responding; a Police officer with specialized training or equipment. This cuts down congative load for the Chief, or line officer, or dispatcher that is coordinating this response. It also makes things like LOSAP automatic, putting your time into auditing the information that is much quicker than authroing the information or copying it from somwhere else. Tbis saves a buch of time for your volunteers or money on the clock hours for your paid staff. Volunteers love it because they have more down time, paid staff love it because their have less of a burden for the admin side.

MimoCAD works with MimoGPS so that you can track units in real time. With muliple alarms going on at the same time, you can see where all of your responding units are, and where all of your alarms are. This allows for Chiefs and Line Officers or Dispatchers to make intilegent decisions about what unit should go where. It can also automaticlly put a unit on scene when they get within 50 meters / 150 feet of a scene, or at a hospital when they get within 50 meters / 150 feet of the ambulance ER entrence.

MimoCAD works with MimoSDR so that units that start responding to an alarm, their traffic can be pulled into the same reponse page and played back in close to real time. Now you or your dispatcher can find out what a unit said without having to ask them to repeat on an already busy dispatch channel and get the correct information. It's also very helpful for call reviews with many departments using it to increase radio profency using real world audio from their own apparatus.

MimoCAD CAD System is $100/month OR $1000/year. We wanted a price point so that even small departments can have nice things. I set the pricing based on what my department would pay for such a service keeping in mind that WLVAC is on the smaller side and does not get state or local money, but surives on soft billing, donations, and grants where possible.

1st Party support for 3rd party software. If you are using Active911, IAmResponding, Microsoft Teams, Discord, Slack, emsCharts, ESO ... and the list is still expanding, we can help you. Departments will often use MimoCAD along side other software because we offer much greater level of detail to their implamentations as we a much deeper understanding the underlying CAD platforms that the larger or less local companies are willing to dive into. We will feed these other providers CAD information, or transfer information into your ePCR software as apart of the cost of the service. MimoCAD is all about getting muliple bits of information in, and providing that information to muliple outputs. Indeed that's the Mimo -- Muliple In, Muliple Out -- in MimoCAD.

No need for extra equipment, we host the service on our own servers with muliple backup servers around the United States. We do all of the maintance and upgrades ourselves with no effort needed from you or your staff.