MimoWEB is the web interface into your department. It is designed for total overview of the department including: Personnel and their certifications; Vehicle upkeep and maintainance information; and reports designed against department S.O.P.s and By-Laws.

MimoWEB is a large product that's still growing. As customers use the product and make feature requests everyone who uses the product across all platforms benefit from those requests and it's shared between all clients. Currently we support the following items.

    1. Certifications
    2. Member History
    3. ... And More
    Outlook / Google
    1. Calender Integration
    2. Mail
    3. Contacts
    1. Crewboard
    2. Scheduling
    3. Equipment / Inventory
    4. Vehicles
    5. Checklists
    6. Radio With MimoSDR
    1. Complete Cusomization
    2. DOH-1881 Vehicle Report
    3. DOH-2828 Member Roster

Cost is $100 per month for web hosting or $1000 per year.