MimoSDR is a software defined radio that makes tranmissions from your department available to personnel from your departmet over the web. The transmissions are also recordered and saved for one year for call review.

Mimo SDR is a software defined radio capable of listening to 3.2 MegaHertz of simultaneous bandwidth for each receiver with up to 4 receivers on a single deployment. Capable of listening to Convental, Digtal (DMR, P25) unencrypted and encrypted traffic, as well as following a complex trunking system in any of the systems noted.

Long Island Public Saftey Spectrum Waterfall

Pictured above is 32 MHz to 512 MHz of traffic captured over a one day period, where the hardware is capable of going down to 25 MHz and up to 1.7 GHz covering the entire public saftery radio system from VHF, UHF Range 1, UHF Range 2, 700 MHz and 800 MHz. Each reciver is able to capture 3.2 MHz simulanously, enough to cover the entire Nassau County Police Department P25 radio deployment spectrum with a single reciver and another could cover all of Suffolk County Police Departments depolyment spectrum (In 800 MHz). This covers the trunking channels as well as all of the possible frequencies for channel grants.

Departments that have their own dispatchers can deploy this wihin their dispatch center to ensure the best possible radio reception. Radio audio clips are sent back to MimoCAD server for retransmission for an almost real time overview of the assignment and long term storage for 1 year.

Cost is $100 per freqency per month, or $1000 per frequency per year.