MimoCAD is the connective layer between all of the products below as well as 3rd party components. We seemlessly intergrate with our own products, but also connect with competitors products so the customer can choose the correct solution for them.

MimoCAD is the primary product of MimoCAD Inc. It serves as the connective layer between our other products as well as giving an interface to third parties into the dispatch console for your department. We currently have interfaces into Nassau County Fire Communications with plans of adding support for Suffolk County Fire Rescue Service. We can also hook into any dispatch software that has an export function or can communicate to an external service. If you don't use any of these services, MimoCAD is capable of operating as as the primary computer aided dispatch interface.

MimoCAD meaning Muliple In - Muliple Out Computer Aided Dispatching, also connects with third party software like ePCR software to automatically provide call information saving time for first responders. We are also happy to provide an standard interface into other dispatch software such as Active911 or IAmResponding. We also provide interfaces for Slack or Discord and we will build more interfaces upon request for a small fee.

By adding the WEB interface, call information available into your deparments web portal. This allows for members to sign into alarms in order get points for Length of Service Awards Porgram (LOSAP) in accordance with your department operating procedures.

By adding the GPS interface, we can automaticlly show when a unit is responding to an alarm, arrived at the scene of an alarm, and respoding and arrived to the hospital. All without the use of a cirtical air time over the primary dispatch channel. This tight intergration is only possible because the software is designed togeather.

By adding the SDR interface, we can also capture radio traffic from each unit as awell as the dispatcher to clarify any inforamtion needed to recreate the alarm in whole.

Cost is $100 per month, or $1000 per year. Interfaces (WEB, GPS, SDR, Ect) are additional as noted on their product page. Third party integrations but are usally a one time fee of $1000 depending on implamentation complexity.